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If you are looking for that special tropical home or home-away-from-home, Bonaire might be the perfect place for you. Bonaire has a wide range of exquisite homes and other properties for sale, and as such Bonaire has become a favorite retirement place for the tropical island lover.

Many of Bonaire’s properties offer spectacular views of the sea and lush tropical gardens. Or try life on the “kunuku” and get back to nature with the natural desert vegetation of the “mundi”. A typical house on Bonaire will have a white crushed rock covered yard with palms, cactus, fruit trees, and many flowering trees and bushes.

Homes on Bonaire can serve either as a personal dwelling, or a rental property, or both. For example, the Janga Apartments offer such dual purpose opportunities

Homes on Bonaire are generally concrete construction with ceramic tile roofs. Tiled floors and patios abound. Houses built to take advantage of the constant tradewinds are cooled naturally year round. The InfoBonaire Real Estate Section can lead you to the resources needed to find the perfect home for sale or the land to build your dream house on. A real estate agent will be to best inform you about taxes and apects of purchasing a house or land. Some development companies also sell real estate in their developments.

Property on Bonaire can be either owned land or “leased” land. The leased land is government owned land and leased out for nominal fees each year. The leases are long term and government must renew the leases or compensate for any improvements made to the property including homes and other buildings.

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Bonaire is part of the Netherlands Antilles, also known as the Dutch Caribbean. We are located about 50 miles off-shore from Venezuela, 37 miles from Curaçao, and 80 miles from Aruba.

Among our listings here on this site are the Janga Apartments.

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